Home inspection of your house in the Netherlands

Home inspection report Netherlands

Just bought your new house in the Netherlands, or in the process of buying an apartment or house? We can help you organise your home inspection report for buying all kind of property in the Netherlands. This report is written in English. Our inspection company works nationwide.

Why should I want a building inspection report?

Basically because you’re taking a huge risk if you don’t. An inspection may reveal hidden structural problems that you might not see with the untrained eye.

If you don’t organise a pre-purchase inspection, and you find out later that your property is having a lot of problems, you’ll be responsible to fix those faults. That can result in a large gap in your saving account.

This technical inspection provides you information regarding the technical condition of the house and it’s structures. This assessment will also prevent you from shortcomings and defects.

To give you the service you really need when buying a house, our inspection company has developed an English technical inspection report. In most cases they can also provide an inspector with good knowledge of the English language, so that you can easily communicate and ask questions during the inspection of your new property.

We also have people at our office who speak English very well, so feel free to call us when you have any questions according to structural problems with any kind of property.

Our clients are encouraged to join the inspector during the inspection. It enables you to ask questions about the property and try to discover whether a crack in the wall is nostalgia or a serious structural defect.

What can you expect of our home inspection and technical inspection report?

Our technical inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. Our technical inspections are conducted by an inspector. This inspector has the training and certifications to perform this kind of inspections. Our inspectors prepare and deliver you a complete and extensive report of their findings. You can use this knowledge to make the right decisions about your real estate purchase.

Avoid be sold a pup and invest in a home inspection

The home inspection will include the evaluation of the visible and accessible elements of the house or apartment including:

  • Foundation, crawlspace and the condition of floors;
  • Sewer, ventilation, plumbing;
  • Floors, walls, maintenance, masonry and constructional elements;
  • Moisture measurement;
  • Roof, tiles, gutters, zinc and chimney;
  • Roofing and Roof construction;
  • Facade, cousins, windows, glass, doors, etc;
  • Visual review of the central heating system and its components;
  • Visual review electrical system and its components;
  • Visual review maintenance kitchen;
  • Visual review sanitary;
  • Lead water pipes.

You will get your report within 48 hours

During the inspection we can give you an impression of the condition of the property. The official report of the inspection will be ready within 48 hours after the inspection. We will send the offical report by e-mail and by post.

A technical inspection is a visual and non-destructive inspection. If we find asbestos during the inspection, we will mention this in the report. Looking for the presence of asbestos is not an officially part of the technical inspection.

The home inspection cost € 420 including VAT. We offer an official certified asbestos inspection at the same time as the home inspection for an extra cost of € 59,00 including VAT.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us. We inspect houses in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and other places in the Netherlands. We work nationwide.


Example home inspection report


Independent and objective consult.
Certified home inspectors.
Response time within 24 hours.
Report available within 48 hours.
Mortgage for € 750 closing costs.
Online and fast process.